Friday, July 17, 2015

Row by Row part 2

I might have planned my trips and appointments around quilt shops..... and I Might have picked up a few more license plates.... and rows...

I had to go North to Ft Collins - and did you know there are 4 quilt shops in that town??  All of them are participating - but only 3 had their plates available....

The first I stopped at was the Fig Leaf.....and I might have found some really cool fabrics that I will show you in the fall.... when I can actually take a photo without a certain child around....

Then I went to the Loopy Ewe.
The Air in that store just makes you creative...... 

Then I went to The Sewing Circle
Which made us all laugh - because this summer....
I sort of feel like I am going in Circles....

There is a new store in Loveland
( okay - new to me - it used to be Sweethearts quilts)
It is called Quilters Dream

Then we headed to Windsor
To the Quilters Stash!
This store used to be in Greeley and was the VERY first Quilt shop I ever went to
So It brings back memories.

The first time I went in I had a picture and an Idea -
 Patty and her Mom were fantastic and they LOVED my boys. 
 They didn't mind them coming in with me at all 
( this is not always the attitude at shops, but my kids are perfect, ( giggle) 
but  I didn't know that wasn't always the case in all kids - lol)

My boys were much smaller the first time.

We walked in this time and I think Patty just about had a heart attack!
She said - are these my Little Boys?
And looked up at them, almost got a cramp in her neck.
The boys were tickled! 

Then last weekend - we had to head East to the Sale Barn and left a few minutes
early so I could stop at Inspirations Quilt Shop in 
Ft Morgan

I made the long trip to town ( not really, but I want you to sympathize)
And I opened the mail box and Look!!

Kevin The Quilter sent me a little something from the Quilt shop
he is close to!!!! I LOVE it!!

And My Dear Liz - 
She sent me one from Washington -
from her quilt shop!!!

So Througtful!!! I really was surprised!!

Stay tuned for more........


LizA. said...

Can't wait to see what you do with all these license plates.....

Rubydell said...

I'm so jealous! I haven't even made it to one yet, but hey, there are three on my way back to
greeley, Tuesday, then I head east next week for appliance shopping, so there is hope. Can't wait to see what you do with your collection.

Kate said...

Lots of fun license plates!

Missy Shay said...

How fun!