Friday, July 03, 2015

QOV 2015 - July Show #3

Welcome to the Third Quilt of Valor Show this week - I know that is a lot - but we average 100 Quilts per month, and I realized that showing you 40 a month.... I was doing the math..... ummm.... It didn't add ( or subtract) up!!  So here you go - lots of Great inspirations. Maybe something you'll want to try.

The TEN Quilts today all come from Buena Vista - Linda hosts a Great QOV group called Chaffee County Quilters - and they are so amazing.  

it is SO fun to open these boxes - I feel like it is Christmas... and Its a party - all at the same time!!

Probably you don't know this - But I LOVE blue and rail fences..... this is one soothing quilt!
This was a fun presentation 
An Iraq Vet with his Grandpa , a WWII Vet 
Pretty cool!

Don't forget  - tomorrow will be some more great inspirations!!!


Judy V. from Thornton CO said...

Great QOV shows this week!

Magoo47 said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to show us .. all these wonderful quilts AND some of the presentations! Both are really inspiring :)

Terri said...

Great quilts - Great Smiles. Love the Grandson and Granddad picture. Thanks for sharing the inspiration. I know it's not easy to stage the quilts and take the pictures, etc.

Cathy Dimmick said...

Linda, with Chaffee County Quilters, is such a great mentor! Their group helped the Fremont Victory Quilters get their start over 3 years. Lovely quilters and huge hearts!!!

phxquilt said...

Again a wonderful show! I can't believe you're up to 100 quilts a month! I remember when you first challenged us to meet the request for 400/yr from the chaplain. We were all so proud that we surprised the chaplain and delivered 700 that year... You rock the QOV world!

Kate said...

Wow 100 quilts a month! That's pretty amazing. Beautiful quilts, all of them.