Monday, October 07, 2013

Running Recap

I know.... today is design wall Monday - BUT! My design wall looks exactly the same.... the reason - ALL of my boys had meets this week, and I was able to get to the college one too ;-)

So - Little Bit -
He and his team ran a 4000K run, and did awesome....   He is a total ham - he sees the camera and the smiles come out! Usually there is a thumbs up, but this was towards the end.....
 Ahhh- there is the thumbs up - he and his buddy ran a great race!

And that was the end of the sun.... we then dropped to the 20's and had a snow storm. This kiddo ran out east in 32 deg weather, with the wind blowing like crazy. I think he was tough!!! And of course, he got home and piled the quilts on.... made a momma proud!!
He and his team did great too - even though - I think Icicles were involved!!! His run was a 5K.

Then this kid - the college runner (13 tag) ran in 28 degree weather. Oh my stars. I was in my jacket, and look at them!!!

My fall Foliage shot - I have a feeling it is short lived, winter is moving in. This trail was GORGEOUS!!!

Here he is on the finish ;-) His team runs an 8K...
 Us... I am on the tall side of the hill - I think my height is short lived around here ( tee hee hee)
Hope you all have an awesome day - and it you are looking for Design walls - head over to


Kevin the Quilter said...

Running........what's that? JK I am glad your kiddos love to run long distances! Me, I like to run to the Dairy Queen! LOL

Kate said...

Congrats to all the boys on their runs. Below 30 is cold, especially when they have to breath in that cold air. Hope no one felt too sick afterwards.

Tami C said...

Congratulations to all your boys on their runs! I'm sure they had plenty of quilts to bundle up in after their runs.