Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Finished!! A Scrappy String Quilt

This is my second entry in Amy's Blogger Quilt Festival ( the first one is just below this post) AND!! it is hot off the Quilting frame, as in I took it off, trimmed it, and photographed it.  If you will remember I have wonderful friends that will bind this ;-)

I am entering it in the Scrappy Category. It is made of scrappy reds and firefighter fabrics that I used for a quilt for my dad ( A fire chief)

Here we are outside in the drizzly cold rain again. You know if I didn't want to take pictures it would have been sunny ;-)

 The good thing was the wind held the quilt against the fence... Always looking for the plus side!

A close up of the quilting - It was a lot of fun.

And the back...sometimes the back is just as much fun as the front!
 Another shot

And then the full shot on the ground in my house. It wasn't raining in here.
This quilt will be a Quilt of Valor, It is going to go to a retired fire chief, who is also a VietNam Vet. He will have it by Christmas!!

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Terri said...

Two, two, two QoV quilts in one! It is two times beautiful!

CitricSugar said...

Lovely - great use of value!

Dar said...

Super looking string quilt!! Love it. These are some of my favorite ones to make. No thinking to most of it! See you in Houston!!

Kevin the Quilter said...

Look at you go! This is so cool for your Dad! Great quilting on it! Best wishes!

phxquilt said...

What a wonderful gift for that vet! Also another great quilt!

Tami C said...

Your quilt is really great! I'm sure that the retired fire chief will really enjoy it and doubly so because he's a vet as well!

Kate said...

Love how the red sets the pattern in the blocks. The quilting is beautiful.

Michele said...

Just gorgeous and being the wife of a firefighter myself, this one is extra special.