Thursday, February 09, 2012

PW QOV Challenge update

Here are the Quilts of Valor that have arrived so far from Judy L's Challenge ... 

This one came from Mary in CO
It is really soft and Cuddly. She used fleece on the back... and I think I am in Love!! 

This next one came from Karen in Oklahoma. Isn't it striking?

And the last one for todays show is from Adele D in Louisiana!! My 5th grader is learning about the Louisiana purchase - so this box caught his attention! We looked it up on the map. He decided that Louisiana got the short end of the deal. If the purchase was that *big* , how come only a little state got the name?   hmmmmm

Thanks Quilters!! These are awesome quilts! And I so appreciate all the help - if you check over here:  No Soldier Forgetten  I post the QOV's Delivered, a lot of times before I post pictures. Sometimes I am not able to take pictures, and sometimes they have to be approved first.... but you know we are not in it for that  ;-)   


Nancy said...

What colorful quilts: I love all of them. Great job, quilters!

Kathie said...

I love fleece or flannel to back quilts, very soft.