Sunday, November 22, 2015

Wildlife this Week

Welcome to my Quilty blog.... with a  lot of wildlife pics  Ha ha ha!!

My boys are all home this week, and the 4 of us LOVE LOVE LOVE the out of doors ( so does wrangler man - but he is stuck working a few days this week - and us, being the loving family that we are.... left him Ha ha)

The boys can all out hike me, but I can out photograph them, and it is a great excuse for a break, which I need a lot of!!!

Oh and!!! I sort of have an eagle eye - when I want too ( that;s the disclaimer, in case I miss something.

To get you ready - do you see what I see?

Look really really hard.   We were actually driving here, and I yelled - Pull over - we did, and then about 40 other vehicles pulled over. They left in disgust. The boys were dying - the said Mom - you made us look bad.  I said hold on.... you'll see it too....

Here - I made you a little hint ( it;s in yellow)

So are you still waiting??

See... told you something was there.   And we waited for him to venture out.  I am betting all those other folks... they would be mad.... if only they knew...

So tell me,
Was that worth waiting for?

My family always gives me grief when I tell them to stop , or to look
But when we get home, they are always so amazed at what we saw ;-)


KaHolly said...

Even if that's all you saw for wildlife, it made the whole outing worthwhile!

scraphappy said...

Taking time to stop and look was well worth it. Beautiful!

Kate said...

Definitely worth waiting for. My Guy and I have a standing rule that if one of use sees something worth photographing, we just pull over. It's meant some mad dashes to get somewhere on time, but some photos won't wait.

The Colorful Fabriholic said...

You do have an eagle eye! Good catch!

Sherrill said...

I NEVER would've seen that, given the first 3 photos you showed. You truly DO have an eagle eye!!!