Wednesday, July 29, 2015

QOV 2015 July #9

Happy Happy Wednesday!!!
You have made it to the half way mark....  Yay... ( Okay - I have never really understood that - because, well, It seems that no matter if it is Wednesday or Saturday - I still have to feed animals....)

Ready for some great Quilt of Valor ® Inspirations??

This one is the Allegiance Pattern that Vicki Welsh Designed - I LOVE these colors. It was sewn by Sara W of the Scrappy Ladies Quilt Guild- and Nancy S sent the tops the ladies made to me.  I quilted this one - It was fun ;-)

Here is a little close up ;-)
This is my 24th Quilted QOV for the year

This colorful quilt was pieced by Jeannie
and Quilted by Sue S.

The one below is a fun flannely Quilt
Pieced and Quilted by Sue S

This is a Quilt pieced by Sharon
Quilted By Donna S in Colorado

The Next two were pieced by Glenda.
She made a largish one

And a Smallish One

Both were quilted by Lois K in CO

The one below was made by Marjorie
Quilted by Lois K

Both of these quilts (above and below)
were pieced by Rosemary
Quilted by Lois K

The Great Patriotic one below
was pieced and quilted by Jan R of Atascadero CA
It went to the Womens Retreat that we covered
It was LOVED!!

I know that the photo below is not the best, 
but sometimes I forget to ask someone to take photos

At the last minute my husband grabbed the phone and took a photo 
of these two Combat Veterans as they received their Quilts of Valor ®

And Below 
My Dear Laura made this quilt
and she and her husband presented it to this awesome VietNam Vet
Cool huh!!

You all have a great Wednesday - 
Hope you are thinking of getting a little quilting in today!!


Stoney said...

I've been checking in on your blog about a year. I get so inspired by what you and your gang of quilters are doing. I come from a generations long service family, including my sons, and watching the smiles on service members faces brings a smile to mine. Thank you.

Vicki W said...

What a treat to see the Allegiance quilt! I need to get busy and start designing another. Just haven't had time yet.

phxquilt said...

Some great inspiration here! You have such talented and generous friends.

Dee Dee said...

You always share such beautiful quilts. Wish I had time to make them all. Thank you for all you do.

Kate said...

Very striking quilts. Thanks for sharing these each week. Lots of talented quilters out there.