Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pink and Green

I live in a house of all boys, we have boy dogs, boy horses ( okay a few girls... but they aren't real talkative) and everyone loves brown and blue.... what is a girl to do?

Use Pink and Green in a quilt top.... Yep - that's what we do!

This is a free pattern on called Weed Whacker I believe? 
Little Bit made it a few years ago in Red White and Blue and we loved it.
He renamed his Scrap Whacker  

and ... The back!

My dear friend is binding it for me... as! We! Speak!  I am so excited... she likes to bind ;-)

Since it is starting to get hot, maybe this cool forest picture will speak to you !  Enjoy your week!!


scraphappy said...

Love those colors together. So bright and girlie!

Terri said...

Pink, yellow and green are my favorite combo for a quilt! (Even though red is my favorite color! Go figure.) Love the pattern, too, very exciting.
Is your forest photo a recent one? There's snow on it still! Waaaay cool!

Terri said...

I forgot to mention how impressive the quilting is! I love it, and wish I was having you do the two H2H quilts I'm having trouble quilting. Quilting is always my breakdown. Yours is gorgeous.

Angie said...

I can totally relate to your living in a male household! I at least have female pets, but they could care less about girly thing! I'm smitten with your pink and green quilt and will now be dreaming up my own pink & green something - thanks for the inspiration!

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Great summertime quilt. It reminds me of watermelon. I definitely need to use pink more.

Missy Shay said...

Your quilt is awesome! I wish I had someone to bind for me! LOL