Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Tales from the Pig - Pig-ercise

Probably you didn't know this - but Pigs.... we must exercise. We do not keep our lovely figures by laying around, wallering in the mud... that is just fiction - perpetrated by those who want you to think we are lazy....

Kind of like that myth that you HAVE enough fabric.... SO. NOT. TRUE.

Every day Farmer Boy takes me out to the mud, and the dirt, and we get to roll around and get yuccky, and we go for a walk.

One day - while we walking in the forest.... oh no - that's a song - One day - while we we walking in the calf alley - I saw my chance - I saw a hole, and I wondered WHAT was on the other side. So before Farmer Boy even knew what was happening... I bolted!!!

I got to the other side, and realized - I would miss my food out here.... so I came back. Although I think it made Farmer Boy Wise - check out what's in the hole now!

I would like to share some of the photos of me - I am quite stunning, I understand!  I just wanted to warn you, that you are looking at potential stardom here... I see movies in my future!

This is me in my shady spot - I look good don't I?  I come out here and sit and watch the world go by.

This is my other shade  - right next to my house. My house stays really cool - I like 60degrees... so when it's sweltering - I go to my AC.... but when they let me out.... Watch out world!!! I go roll in the mud - RIGHT away!! It's no good being a clean pig - seriously!

My Boy and I go out in the alley and walk. This is the calf pen. There is good stuff left there for me to sniff!

I like the shade there too - there is something just fun rubbing up against this barn!! It tickles my tummy1

We walk back and forth, and sometimes - I think about my physique, and I run.... I am awesome....

I feel - Like SUPER PIG..... da da da DA da Duh.... I am Super Pig!!!

In case you were wondering THIS - is full speed ahead. I made the Mom scream and jump up on the fence with this move. She's pretty quick - I almost got her leg!!!

After all that running - one just has to lay down.... I am the Chief Dirt Inspector around here. - this passes!


Terri said...

What a life! Way to go, Pig!

Judy said...

I am so happy to know all is well with PIG. He appears to be thriving under Farmer Boy's care.

Gypsy Quilter said...

Boy that pig sure has it rough. Shady spots, places to run and cool dirt. Who could ask for more! I do believe, that your little bit, is going to be taller than you by the end of summer though.

Needles, Fabric, Chisels, and Wood…Life is GOOD! said...

Always makes me chuckle. I know absolutely nothing about pigs, farms, and ranches, but I do enjoy the bits and pieces you share.

TLC said...

So happy to see you again pig! You're "SOME PIG".

Impera Magna said...

Looks as if your Star-in-the-making is toned and buff! Also has some good moves too...


Kevin the Quilter said...

Mom's scared of a nice little piggy? I find that hard to believe!

The Quilting Elf said...

Being a City-girl longing for the Country, I love the Pig Tales!
Kathy T.
CT Quilters QOV Group
Tampa, FL