Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tales from the Pig

Remember in my last issue - when I told you that I was in a shed type thing, in a Cardboard box?

Apparently this is called a garage in the human world... and my humans didn't quite remember that pigs like to burrow and dig, and otherwise ..... Break Free!!!!!

I mean really - had they never listened to the song "Born Free" ? It's about me!

I was okay overnight, I was quite tired from my travels. Farmer Boy and the Dad came to feed me and water me in the morning, and check the temperature. They sure are nice.

A few hours later Farmer Boy brought a girl with him - he called her Mom. They came and checked on me every hour....So I was behaving myself. But... curiosity got the best of me!!

Sometime after their lunch they came to see me....and I was OUT! I was checking out the 4 wheeler thingy in that place... a scary thing if you ask me.... and it was yellow! But not very tasty.

That afternoon I made my first move. Originally my house was in a large pen, but Farmer Boy and his dad made a few alterations, and moved me back into that big blue trailer.
They put my warm lamp in there, and when they closed the door - I was toasty and warm...

Even though this was happening out side:

Farmer Boy's Mom keeps calling this the Never Ending Winter.
Have you ever tasted this white stuff?
It's cold!

For some reason Farmer Boy likes to watch me eat.
All those people who say they "eat like a pig"
They don't!
I am a dainty pig!!!

 Look!!! I can go free!!!
( Sort of)

I get out of my trailer house
( Oh Look - I am a red neck pig - Bwahh haa haa)
And I walk to the back end of the trailer
I get to snort and spin and make Farmer Boy Laugh!!

I wonder if I will ever get to move to my big pen?


TLC said...

I really am enjoying tales from the pig!

Kevin the Quilter said...

Piggly Wiggly!