Wednesday, April 10, 2013

QOV show for 4/10

This is a little late this morning (okay afternoon)  - but I have a great excuse...

We had to be at the doctors office pretty early, and what normally takes 45 minutes to get to - took over an hour, due to the road conditions from our blizzard yesterday... good thing we left early!!

And now - Middle bit has a many red cast, and a manly tan splint.... 4 weeks.... ugh!

On to the better part of the day - Quilts!!  These are all Quilts of Valor - you can always read more about the mission of QOV  : 

The first quilt for today is made by Rosemary in Broomfield
and quilted by Lois Knight.

 Such a great quilt!! 
And beautiful quilting!!

This beauty is made by Pam S and quilted by Ann Reinelt in Colorado Springs
The colors are so soothing!!
 I kind of love the house!!

Another Combo from Pam and Ann
If you click on the picture you can see the details of the quilting!

Seriously awesome color combination!!

another beauty quilted by Ann Reinelt - she was a busy girl!
This one was pieced by Betty M of Florida!!!
I bet she is a little warmer there, than we are in Colorado right now.

This one was pieced and quilted by Suzie R of Windsor.
Suzie is an ER nurse, and a quilter!!
You gotta love that!!!

Love the waving stars quilting!!

This gorgeous sampler quilt was pieced and quilted by
Sharon Breeggemann of MN

She did an aweome job!!

These quilts will definitely brighten a day! I can guarantee it!!

You know the love that goes  into making these quilts, 
and I swear they feel it when the quilts are wrapped around them!!!

Thank you all !
Have a wonderful day!



What an inspiration. I really look up to all you gals.

Kevin the Quilter said...

Another great show! Get well soon Middle Bit!

Sue in Scottsdale, AZ said...

Oh my, what did Middle Bit do? Doesn't look like fun!

The quilts are beautiful and I always like seeing a happy recipient.

Rhonda said...

Love the QOV show. I salute all the quilters and the soldiers who'll receive them.

Nancy said...

Yikes, Middle Bit is going to need a lot of assistance for four weeks. Here's hoping the weeks fly.

All the quilts are beautiful!

LizA. said...

Love the quilt show but seriously, you can't leave us hanging like this.....what's the rest of the story with Middle Bit? What did he do to end up with a splint and cast?

phxquilt said...

Oh poor Middle Bit! He does have a lot of healing to do.

Those quilts are wonderful! I love the sampler. :-) Of course the smiling recipient is always a joy to see.

Great job again ladies!

lisa0116 said...

Beautiful everyone! Alycia, Sending good positive thoughts to middle bit for a speedy recovery!

Kate said...

Two casts, two arms, that really doesn't look like a fun deal. Hope he heals quickly!

Beautiful QOVs. The red and blue sampler is my favorite out of this bunch, but they are all beautiful.