Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A snowy Quilt of Valor Show!

The quilts are not snowy - but it sure is snowy here!!! YAY!! We need it, we love it, and we are laughing because I keep getting stuck in it. At least Wrangler Man has a sense of humor!!

Last night the winds were howling, the snow was snowing, and we live up a 1/2 mile road that constantly gets blown over, so I DO NOT know what I was thinking.... I started to drive up it anyways - and got stuck!! Not just a little stuck - a complete stuck - no forwards or backwards.

Never fear Wrangler Man got me out this morning - but could not bring the car up to the house - it is parked at the bottom of my road.... ready for me to go.... or not!

With all the cold - it really makes me think of quilts!!!  The previous two posts are all from QuiltCon  The Modern Quilt show in Austin TX - so there is even more inspiration there. And if you want to see the winner of the Modern in Mini Challenge check that out here , or too see a great quilt by a second time quilt maker go here   and Now......... Quilts of Valor!!

These Quilts of Valor - are all Pieced and Quilted by none other than Liz Taylor Davis ....

These next four quilts all come from the Trinity Lutheran Quilters here in Greeley :

I think this was one of the easiest shows ever!! To have two big groups of quilts like that!!  You all Stay warm and keep quilting!!!


Kate said...

Very pretty quilts.

We got some snow this week, but not the blizzard you did.

just joan said...

Trinity Quilters are AWESOME!

Bonnie said...

I assume the car was stuck but you could hike up to the house!!! Hope you stay safe. Lovely quilts this time round.