Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saturdays Quilt of Valor Show

I am really enjoying seeing all these quilts again!! I am inspired to get sewing!!!

These wonderful quilts come from the Trilogy Quilters, Ron Olsen and Meredith VB!! They are quite the team!!

This Urban Log Cabin ( from atkinson Designs) is made by the Trilogy Quilters and quilted by Ron Olsen.

This one ( LOVE the black setting) is made by Sheryl M and quilted y Ron.

Look - the Constitution.....!!!

Made by Meredith and Quilted by Ron. Meredith is a superb color chooser - don't you think?

All the rest of these were pieced by Meredith and quilted by Ron. 

I love how the squares just sort of float there.....

And um, the Polka dots!!! Seriously - LOVE!!

Check out the Jelly Roll race quilt .... Yummy!!

And the Carpenter Star - I love that set against the black - it is just so striking!!

Ron is pretty famous ( okay - at least to me!) For quilting an American Symbol in each quilt - so we sure have a great time searching for them!!

Doesn't this Cheddar make the blue pop!! I love it!!

And the eagle!!  When these quilts are presented I try to point out the symbol, or sit with the reciepient and help them search for it. The smiles - priceless!!!

Hope you enjoyed todays show!!! And I hope you are inspired!!

Judy - over at has designed a great quilt of valor pattern - I have my strips all ready!!!


Kate said...

Beautiful quilts and gorgeous quilting by Ron!

Norece said...

Thanks for the quilt show - more wonderful quilts.

Mary said...

They're all great but I love the big hexagon ... I wonder if there's a large Hexagon Go die?!

Anonymous said...

I never tire at looking at all the new quilts and quilting. Thanks to all and thanks to our troops and veterans.

lisa0116 said...

Amazing! Just bought some of that black polkadot to use with some batiks and my friend poopoo'd it. Well..she needs to see how well it worked with the ones you shared with us today.

Lisa in Georgia

Anonymous said...

My favourite would be the Carpenters' Star. Well done. Great quilting as well.