Thursday, December 27, 2012

Quilt Show

I hope you are not getting too tired of all these wonderful Quilts - I really wanted to show them all off, and get ready to start the out the new year all Quilty!!!

These first two quilts come from Clothworks!!  Marilyn  entered a Pin it to win it contest on the Blog  And she won these two quilts. Susie and Clothworks mailed them my way - and now they are washed, labeled, pillowcased, and ready to find their soldier!!

Through out the year, Clothworks makes up different quilts using their fabric lines. Then they put them up on the blog to allow people to vote. I LOVED this one. The fabrics are really gorgeous. 

And of course - the backing - just fabulous!!!

Here is the second one. I think ... I fell in love again. Isn't that the coolest pattern. I am thinking that this would be a simple enough quilt to figure out and maybe.... just maybe.... it could be sewn in a day for QOV's Sit and Sew day 

Norece found the pattern for us!!!

And of course - the back!! Lovely!!

This lovely in Norece's Number 12 in the 12 for 12 Challenge. That's another reason I am showing you so many quilts. On the 31st I have to be organized so that I can make a drawing from all the cards!!!   ( more info Here)  Congrats Norece on Number 12!!!!

Nancy - over in Ft Collins - made these quilts. They are just gorgeous - and!!! Another one that would be a great leader/ender project.

She showed up to drop these off to Wrangler Man. I had called him about 30 minutes before and couldn't remember why I called him. ( this is very common in my world)

He called me back about 30 minutes later - he said "you were going to remind me that Nancy was coming by."  Oh.... ya.... good thing she understands me ;-)

This one is just wonderful!!!  I love the quilts she makes from these animal prints.....

But check out the back too!! Is that not AMAZING!!!  I love it, and am so glad I get to have it in my house for a short time!!!
Thanks to all these fabulous quilters!!! You guys rock!!!


Heather said...

I'm stealing a few ideas!

Norece said...

Wow - these quilts just keep getting better and better. Thanks for sharing.

Nancy said...

All these quilts are fabulous: so many great ideas.

marilyn said...

yay, glad the Clothworks quilts made it to you. I couldn't think of a better place to send them :)

Kate said...

Great quilts! I finally found the pattern for my first QOV. Now to just get it made.

Sue in Scottsdale, AZ said...

Fantastic quilts. There are going to be some very happy soldiers when they receive these!

Anonymous said...

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Michelle F. said...

Alycia I love the patriotic boxes quilt. Any idea of the pattern name? I would love to make one.