Monday, July 23, 2012

True Love

Yesterday was the County 4H Dog Show, and of course we went. I am not sure how we ever lived with out this little guy - he just melts hearts all over the place. You should see the tiny kids and the grandmas flock to him.... 

Here he is awaiting his turn in the *show ring* ... I love the sport coat - so cute!!

Healing on command - I tell you - the improvement since the last dog show was amazing!!

Letting the judge pet him - it was quite funny, I think he was looking for a treat!!

Exiting the ring

The puppy Fan Club. 
I don't know that Little Bit has had so many fans in attendance.
Our Dear Friends came - and they made it so much fun!!
Plus it really made Little Bit feel special!

Seriously? How does one say no to this face???

And - they were tickled.
They were in a bigger class this time 9 or 10 kids ( I forgot to count)
they still did really well, and were quite pleased!

And because I was such a good mommy I got chocolate ice cream, before being bad mommy, and making the 3 kids finish record books ( they are only DUE TODAY!!)


Gypsy Quilter said...

I definitely need to send Dolly out. She could learn a thing or two to be sure. You probably even have a saddle to fit her. How close are you to the train station?

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Okay...I see what you mean; that IS an adorable face! (the dog isn't bad either) :-)

What fun. And great fan club.

marilyn said...

Ugh, the worst part about being in 4H, the record books. Those things took forever, only because my kids put them off until the last day! Good to know we weren't the only ones doing that :) Good job!

Kate said...

Yeah for Little Bit and partner! Great show.

LizA. said...

Good job guys! What breed is this darling pup?

Dirt Road Quilter said...

Looks like they made a great team and were a big hit! So happy for their success - congratulations to both of them! Ice cream is always a great way to celebrate...even if it is followed by a grueling round of record book madness. :)

Pat R. said...

Little Bit and his pup did an awesome job!! These are great pictures, and I just love the smile on this boy's face when they were exiting!!! Good job, Little Bit!!