Thursday, July 12, 2012

Running and Kickboxing

Bet you are wondering what those two words are doing in MY vocabulary - right? 

Well - my boys are all runners. Where they got this gene I will never know, as I can swim, ride horses, and keep the couch from any levitation.... however.... my children think it would be really "cool" to run a 5K together.  And somehow they are using their Jedi Mind Powers to make me think it would be fun.....

Last year, after the passing of my cousin and her girls, there was a 5K planned, and they added to it - to be a part of their Memorial... so that is the 5K we are working towards ...slowly.
My children helped me download a Couch to 5K app - and I am on day 6... ugh... double ugh... and yesterday they made me run hills - and today we are going to gently jog around the pit ( the pit being about 1 mile...I don't see this as gentle people!!)

But to top it off - I have always, always, okay maybe for year, wanted to try kickboxing... so guess what two of my boys and I did Wednesday????  Kickboxing class at a real kickboxing gym, with a real professional kickboxer.... did I mention that they take no mercy?  

Just kidding, our coach was AWESOME and he was totally cool, and he was almost my best friend because he thought I was the older sister to my kids, but then he made me sweat, so that whole Best Friend thing? Didn't happen...

I can totally tell you that there are muscles, or joints, or , lets be serious here - pain, where I did not think it could exist!!  It's not that bad, but I can feel it  ;-)

So if you see any of these three - be sure to tell them that I deserve a LOT of chocolate okay?

And if you see this little dog with his tongue hanging out... don't look too much farther - he and I are hiding... so Shhhh.... be vewy verwy quiet please!


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Smirking and giggling up here in Wisconsin! Aren't life's crazy moments and ideas FUN!?!?! I loved reading about your latest adventure(s); keep us informed on your running progress

LizA. said...

Oh my! But I have faith in you--you will do this, simply because you'd never hear the end of it from that gang of yours. Look at it this way, for all the calories you are burning off, you will be able to eat that much more chocolate!

jillquilts said...

You poor thing! I hope you can recuperate! :)

Kate said...

Yeah for you! Chocolate stimulates the pleasure centers in the brain, so yes you need lots. Probably lots of Advil too. Good luck with all the training.