Thursday, July 05, 2012

Independence Day

I hope you all had a great day yesterday!! We started ours off with a little 5K run... the boys all ran, and I opted to be the official photographer...   Which means this is a very picture laden post!!  

My oldest ...... 

My Husband ( he is getting used to the paparazzi!!)

My Munchkin Man

My Middle love - booking it!!!!

The whole crew - notice what the oldest is already up to???? 
The story of my life!!

This was the Race to Cure Cancer 5K and they had a great time. 

Then it was time for the parade!!! We had our own announcers - in the form of the Pirate Radio guys - we have never laughed so hard. As the Longhorns are coming down the road they are talking about the history of them, and that last year only 40 people were gored, so this year its looking great.... and they are dead pan the whole time!!!

These animals were HUGE!!

I'm thinking this one was having an attitude... don't mess with me man.... 

hey!! I can get ya, up high or down low.....

The infamous Leon Coffee - he is the first person that told me I needed to have my middle babys hair cut - I was so angry with him... cuz sadly.... Wrangler Man agreed... *sigh*

Flags on parade - it was pretty cool to see all these flags waving in  the wind!!
Oh Look It's Dolly!!! ( took this one just for San)

Mmm Mm Love those horses... but you should see the size of their feet.
Big Bit turned to me and said
I WILL NOT help you shoe those horses!! 
Smart kid!

The tribute to Iwo Jima

So we are sitting on the curb, and of course, over the 2hours you meet your neighbors.
Ours were a blast - and they brought a shade tent that they shared.

This memorial comes down the road and the lady ( Tiffany) says - Alycia take my picture and takes off running....

This was her dad!! 
Is that not cool!!

Hope you all enjoyed your day and stayed cool. There were no fireworks at our house - which - although sad - was a great decision. We have enough smoke from our wildfires and the ones in Wyoming.

Oh - and by the way - today is Wrangler Man's Birthday! It cookie and cake central around here!


Kate said...

Looks like a fun day. Where do teenagers put it all, mine eats like she has hollow legs. Must be all the swimming?

Happy Birthday to Wrangler Man.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Thank you for sharing your holiday with us. Sadly, no parade OR fireworks here for us; a storm blew in :(

Hopefully you'll all come down from your cookie and cake sugar high to enjoy the rest of the week.

And yes....those horses! So majestic! Truly amazingly beautiful animals....but I also would not be interested in shoeing them; not when their foot is as big as my head.

Impera_Magna said...

Happy birthday to Wrangler Man and congratulations to all your men for a successful 5K run! Good for them!

It looks as if you all had a great day yesterday...

Nancy said...

Happy Birthday to Wrangler Man!

Great to see the parade photos - looks like a lot of fun.

No fireworks here (didn't even hear one illegal blast) so it was a quiet Fourth.

phxquilt said...

Wonderful tour of your family's 4th of July. Great race guys! Happy Birthday Wrangler Man!