Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A great day for Quilts

Good morning!! Hope everyone is ready to be inspired!!   If you had a chance to read this Post you will see how wonderfully important these Quilts are in the start of healing.  

First off - here' another recipient... he is recently home from Iraq. He is the shy quiet type, and had a really hard time accepting his quilt. I asked if I could wrap it around him, as he gave off that *don't touch me* vibe. He reluctantly agreed.... and then... gave me a hug!! 
All the guys in the background thumbs upped us!!   See - they work wonders!!! AND!! He smiled, although not for the picture!

On to today's quilts!! These are all made by the Cane Cutter Quilters in Houma LA.

Check out the embroidery in the center of these squares.... pretty cool!!
This one kind of reminds me of the ocean.... soothing

Check out the way these braids are set!! Isn't that cool? I don't know that I have seen a quilt like this yet - so it was very interesting to study!!

And the border.... Ohh Laa laa

Bright and Cheery - this one will make you smile!!

And Patriotic - I love the zig zags!  

MMMM - one of my all time favorites. I have no clue why the rail fences call to me, but I love them. Probably cuz there they best kind of fences I get to make. The ones with shovels, and post setters, and post hole diggers... not my favorite :-)   You can find this pattern for free here

Another great use of strings!! My sting bins are getting a little full - so I am thinking of ways to use them - this looks great!

What a great color Combination!! I love it

Nita - thank you to your quilters in Houma - you Cane Cutter Quilters are so wonderful! Thank you for these lovely Quilts of Valor. I hope you know how important they are to our recipients, and how much they are cherished


Nancy said...

Wow, these are beauties. I am especially drawn to the quilt with braid blocks.

Dorothy uk said...

I love that braid quilt too but they are all beautiful well done!!!

Elaine Adair said...

Oh my - a great BUNCH of goodies!

Impera Magna said...

All the quilts are lovely... and the first photo made me tear up...

Roslyn said...

Love the braid blocks too!

mkhquilts said...

That peach and blue one-Lovely! And such an interesting pattern! Thanks for a wonderful show as always!

Debbie said...

Always touching to see the recipients of these wonderful quilts.

Kate said...

Beautiful quilts. said...

I really enjoy your Wed quilt shows! Do you have any idea where the Patriotic zig-zag pattern can be found? I sew exclusively for QoV, and would love to try that pattern. Thanks; Phyllis