Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Quilts of Valor Inspiration

Are you ready for todays Quilty Inspiration?  Grab a cup of coffee or a soda and stay a while!

Our first quilt today comes from Adele D in LA.  I love the scrappyness of it!!!

I believe this is the 3rd of her 12 quilts for the 12 for 12 challenge and the one at Patchworktimes    - just so I don't scare Adele - 2 more have come in, I just haven't got the pictures to my computer yet....

Some Great pillowcases from Vicki   who by the way has a great palette of Patriotic Dyed fabrics on special for Summer

And check out this QOV - plaids - LOVE it!!! Looks so snuggly. And that pattern is really cool!

This quilt was made by Connie and Kathy of Colorado - and quilted by Liz Taylor Davis,

Isn't it great? I love the star quilting on it!!!

Another Quilt from my quilting group - this pattern is SO easy - check it out here
Liz Davis Quilted it too!!!

Check out this Snowball type quilt?  It was made by Candy C of New York and Quilted by Liz Taylor Davis... she does a lot of quilting doesn't she? I LOVE her!!! Plus she is one cook cookie!!!  ( oh and she lives close to a Krispy Kreme so my kids ADORE her!)

A very manly Jelly Roll quilt pieced by Laurel and quilted by Liz

And out very last quilt for today's quilt show - Pieced by Susan S and quilted by Liz!

Hopefully you got a little inspiration? And enjoyed seeing all the different types of Quilts that comprise of Quilts of Valor!   Come Back Saturday to see some more!!


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Yes definitely! Inspiration found! Off I go :D
Thanks for the amazing pictures.

Nancy said...

I am always inspired by the QOV photos that you post. Thanks!