Monday, June 11, 2012

Quilting Quilting Quilting

I don't really have a design wall - as the project I am working on now - is top secret - but its a cool tops secret and when I can show you it - you will be the first to know!!

But let me show you what I have been quilting on!!  Batiks!! 

I did not know how beautiful these fabrics could be - well, I did, but look how great they are put together - such a beautiful quilt- made by Dianne..... She is an amazing piecer! Hope she likes it!

And another Batik Quilt!!

 Isn't this great?  Jessica has great taste too!!!

For other design walls - head over to - there is a lot of eye candy there!!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous quilts, but I especially love the colors and quilting in the blue and green colorway. Wonderful!

Can't wait to see your top-secret project!


Kate said...

Beautiful quilting on both quilts!