Saturday, June 16, 2012


We were invited to visit an awesome group of veterans. They spanned the range from Iraq, to Desert Storm, to VietNam, and they ranged from Army, Air Force, SeaBees, and Marines. And I was in love. 

We talked to the group about what a Quilt of Valor was, and why we were here to present them one. I only looked like a dork two or three times....did you know that I can NOT talk with out using my hands? *sigh*

After our little talk, Marilyn and Nancy helped each vet pick out their own quilt, and thanked them and were able to give them a hug.... and I.... snuck around and made them pose for me!! It was awesome.

Here is our pile of quilts. I did not take this picture. A Veteran came over and took my camera - and proceeded to tell me all about how it works.  I think that he and I will be having lunch soon.

BUT!!! He turned the camera on... and lo and behold - it had NO memory card in it!! I panicked, then said - OH! Wait - I know that I am a dork, so I bought an extra card, put it in the case, and voila'!  I was saved. 

I was told that it is good that I know that I am forgetful, and plan ahead. Shew...

So - the smiles, the love, the stories, the hugs!! The Hugs are the best, and I take them all - so I can pass them back to you!!! 

They check out the quilt thoroughly - the stitching, the colors, the various fabrics and the label - and then I get asked a lot - who is this person?  Why would they take time to make me a quilt?

It amazes our recipients that someone would take this amount of time to thank them... but Oh the healing powers, and the tears, and the stories that come from being wrapped in love!!!

I hope you keep checking back - I have more photos and a few more stories to share!!


QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Love to see the happy smiles these quilts put on the guys' faces.

Kate said...

Great smiles. Thanks for all you do to promote this program. I've put a QOV on my to do list for this year.

ann said...


I make a lot of charity quilts, but never get to see who receives them.

Impera_Magna said...

How wonderful... thanks for sharing these wonderful photos... they never fail to bring a smile and a tear!


Nancy said...

Thank you for being there for those who cannot and for giving hugs to these wonderful vets.

Pat R. said...

The presentations are the best, for sure!! I like letting these veterans know that they mean so much to us.

Bill said...

What a thrilling experience it must be to be able to hand out these quilts and give hugs. Thanks for working so hard to make these wonderful people feel loved.