Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bonus - More Quilts of Valor

This is a bonus QOV show!! Hope you enjoy it!! I have finally opened all my boxes, and taken pics of all the QOV's back from Quilters - and *shew* I feel that I am making progress.

Quick Answer - I have been asked the sizes of QOV's - Minimum 55 x 65, Max 72 x 90  and anything in between....Gives you a lot of leeway!!!

This beauty was pieced by Mary C and Quilted by Stephanie Patterson of Windsor. I had such fun checking it out - there are so many variables to this quilt - beautiful!!

This quilt pieced by Pam D and quilted by Stephanie P also - I have to tell you - this one totally fits into my Color Loves!!!  The stars are all in different positions - another bucket list quilt....

This string quilt was made, pieces, and Quilted by Jackie M of NJ. I LOVE how she makes these because you get 2 sided quilts.... check out the picture below this one - thats the BACK!!

And a second one by Jackie - LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!!

We are learning a little history in our house, and we have learned that Nebraska and Colorado ( or at least parts of it) were a part of the Colorado Territories - so really - we are all one ( grin)

And these next 3 quilts all come from Nebraska!! This really colorful one was made by Judy D and quilted by Kristen H - Click on the picture to enlarge it - you could spend hours trying to figure this one out!!!

This one was pieced by Kathy K and quilted by Kristin H - on the Label it says that Kristin in a Ret. Col USA!!! How awesome is that!!!

The last quilt in this bonus show is pieced by Kathy and Quilted by Kristin Too!!

Hope you all enjoyed the show - Check back tomorrow for our QOV link up, and to show off what you are up to. I *shew* and finally back to my sewing machine... I might have something to show you!!


Nancy said...

Wow, what an assortment of beautiful quilts! You must have a wonderful time opening the packages. ;oD

Anonymous said...

A great show! More pretties for the troops. Thanks to everyone involved.

Shari in AZ
currently enjoying Maui