Thursday, February 16, 2012


Can you handle a few more quilts?  I LOVE checking out quilts - such inspiration and such fun fabrics!!!  

This one was pieces by Char and  quilted by April W In Iowa!! I Love this quilt... and I think it would be a great way to use  a variety of fabrics!!

The green -I want that one!!

This one is TOO cool - it was pieced by Carolyn and Quilted by April in IA. 

aren't these cool blocks??

This one was quilted and pieced by April. I really like that pattern...

This next one (below) was also pieced and quilted by April. The colors!! Oh my!!

Don't they just make you want to smile???

This beauty was pieced by Andrea and Fay of Lynn MA. and quilted by Fay!! The fabrics are just yuummy!!

And the quilting just compliments it so!!

I tell you, I had to study this one for a while, it has such a cool look about it, but I couldn't quite see how the blocks worked. Upon closer inspection - they twist ! Is that not so Cool.
It was made by Lynn W in Alamosa - you can see more of her proojects at

And my pillowcase people! What would I do without them? (seriously!!) they rock
The Pueblo West Quilt Guild sent these our way - and they are such a great finish to the whole Quilt of Valor package!!

Thank Thank Thank you all!!! 

And just so you know - these great quilts are already with their recipients, or are soon to be there.... as in they are not in my house anymore. The demand this month was high!!!


Nancy said...

An amazing collection of quilted love!

Alicia said...

all great quilts!

Kate said...

Wow, what a set of beauties. It's good that they've all got new homes.

Judy V. from Thornton said...

Ditto to the earlier comments! I like them all, but the last quilt grabbed my attention...I will be checking my stash!

Stephanie D. said...

Alycia, there is a QOV quilt for sale on

The seller doesn't say how she came by it or why she's selling it, but does say there's a label on the back. Do you recognize it? I don't know if some soldier is having her sell it for the money, or if the person has died and his/her family is selling it, but it does disturb me a little.