Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sundays Stash Report

This week has gone by ultra quick! I am shocked that it is Sunday all ready!!

I went and browsed at a quilt shop and left a list.... we will see if I have any stash to add for next week......I left LOTS of hints *grin*

So the report:
Fabric In this Week:         0 yards
Fabric In YTD:              164.4 yrds

Fabric Out This Week:          0 yds
fabric Out Year to Date :   260.42 yds

Total Stash Busted:     96.02 yards gone

Tomorrow I am talking at a Quilt Guild in Golden, so I have been going through a lot of my pictures to get things ready, and I saw some of my bambinos so many years ago. How did they get to be so big so quick?

Look at this cutie patootie - this is up in Wyoming on the back of the tractor.
This little dude just turned 10 ( HOW????)

And here we are bulldogging the roping dummy... he was (is) so adorable.
All the cowboys just loved him!!

And this cute little boy to the left is almost as tall as I am, and the little cutie on the right - she is graduating from High school next week. Again I ask you HOW????

Oh Heavens, be still my heart. are they not adorable??? And one of these knuckleheads will get his license this summer.... maybe.... if he can bribe me with enough chocolate, and fabric ( remember the list I left??)!!!

The big guy here - he still looks exactly the same... HOW?? How come I look older???

Along with that though - I now have better and MORE fabric :-)
So it's all good right?


Impera_Magna said...

Little ones grow up so quickly.... and you're just a spring chicken, my dear!

Barb in Mi said...

Yes, it's all good! Just imagine being stuck in "Groundhog Day" and you would have to do it all over and over again.

LizA. said...

Great trip down memory lane.....I keep looking in the mirror and wondering why my mother is looking back at me!

krisgray said...

Great photos! I wonder where the tome hoes but I don't wanna go back.

Melanie said...

What a lovely post about such a beautiful family! Hope your fabric dreams come true!

Kathie said...

Yes they grow to quickly. Mine keeps reminding me (she is a Junior) that when the seniors leave (they graduate two weeks early) she will be officially a senior!!! Can't seem to get it in her head that she is really not a senior till she finishes this school year. I don't want to rush it!!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing the pics of your family when they were younger. What fun! Time flies so fast...and the older we get the faster it goes. Enjoy them while you can!