Sunday, May 08, 2011

Stash report - Happy Mothers Day!

Fabric Used this week:   21.75 Yards - Now before you gasp at how amazing I am * choke choke*  - only 4 of it was for a quilt top, the rest is all backings that I made for Quilts of Valor tops that my dear sweet angel Pat is going to quilt for me.... because she is AWESOME!!

Fabric USed YTD:  260.41 Yards

Fabric In this Week:  0 yards
Fabric in Year to Date:   164.4 yards

Net Fabric BUSTED YTD:  96.018 Yards!

Not too bad -

Hope you all have a great Mothers day! I had the red carpet treatment this morning, Breakfast was made and I had to walk the red carpet to get it - I love my boys!

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Barb in Mi said...

You are still amazing ( backings or not)! Happy Mothers Day! Enjoy your red carpet events...

Impera Magna said...

Wow... backings or not, you bust a LOT of fabric, Alycia!

Happy Mothers Day!

Jennifer said...

I agree with the other comments - fabric is fabric whether it is for tops or backings! Great week for you, and even better with your QOV quilting friend!

krisgray said...

A yard is a yard, no matter how it's used! Awesome numbers!

Melanie said...

I don't care how it was used, almost 100 yards out by May is IMPRESSIVE!

Glad you are having such a nice Mother's Day!