Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Event(s)

Alright - I have been asked to show some of the kids and their events, so I took a camera to a swim meet. I have to tell you - I have a lot of empty water shots, feet flying in the air and splashes. Apparently photographing a swim meet takes a little more skill that I have..... but I did manage to get a few shots!

Every week Big Bit has a swim meet, He is in High school and it is his *swim season* . His 4 x 100 Freestyle relay has qualified to go to the State Meet and they are stoked. He is 1 second ( yes I said ONE!!) away from qualifying in his 500 Freestyle... which by the way is 20 lengths of the pool.. So this Thursday - about 4 pm - if you happen to think of us - could you - by osmosis think *sprint* and  maybe he will get that time!!! 

So - here we go - mine is the kiddo in the orange cap - and he is standing up straight because I told him I was going to try to get some pictures.... such a helpful kid!

Swimmers take your marks.

Those are his feet - he hung there on the dive for me to get specifically that shot... I tell ya - he is impressive right?

He looked up at me so I could get a head shot - but I wasn't quite fast enough!

Here is what the brothers do during the meets - they draw and make cartoons and generally entertain themselves. Although they are no slackers to swimming either. They had a meet the day before this one, and ironically enough - each of them took 5 seconds off of all their times.

And just so you know - they are not always in the water. They do shooting sports too - this year we are adding air pistol into our list of events, the main competitions are in June and July. Never to early to start practicing.

They also do air rifle. Middle Bit was hiding in the pick up - which was smart, the wind is still kind of cold this year !

If you have made it this far - I am impressed. I, of course, think everything they do is just peachy keen, but then I might be a little baised. And a little prejudiced, and a bit over protective ( not really - I am just throwing that in there for the girls!) and well you know- they are mine!!


Moneik said...

I loved shooting sports as a kid and still do get a chance to shoot some clay pigeons with the family every once in a while. My dad, brothers, and hubby are all avid hunters. My brother and dad have a shooting sports club that they run now, just as my dad did when we were younger.

Gypsy Quilter said...

They are very talented and lucky to have a mom who enjoys taking them to practice and competitions! Thanks for sharing.

Impera_Magna said...

I did the "swim team" thing for more years than I care to remember... still enjoy watching swimming on TV...

I saw a bumper sticker on a car at a swim meet once upon a time... it said: Swimming keeps kids clean!

I agree...

Andi said...

I was a swimmer, so those pictures bring back fun memories. My daughter (4) is enthralled by cheerleading. We'll take a gymnastics class this summer and see where it leads!

Kathie said...

Even though it takes lots of your time it is so nice the boys are so active. Wonderful exercise and they are not sitting texting or playing computer games all day.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing the pictures of the boys. I think my daughter will be a competition swimmer one of these days...she's a little fish in the water. That is if the peer pressure for cheerleading doesn't get to her.

I would love it if all mine got involved in the shooting stuff. We LOVE to shoot and hunt. I am going to have to check around and see where they have some locally.

Thanks for sharing!


Jackie Dudek said...

Fun Stories and pictures!!! My daughters favorite swim event was the 500!!! Your a great mom to keep up with all those boys!!! I'd be exhausted!