Friday, March 11, 2011

Quilts of Valor arriving here

I tell you - I love the quilts that I get to see, and the tops that have been sent this way for Quilts of Valor. Just a little recap - cuz I have had a few great questions. One - I do not make all of these quilts! I wish I could, but I am not that amazing ( please don't tell Wrangler Man - I have him conned into thinking I am!!)

I try with each of the Quilts of Valor posts to tell you who made them and where they came from. The quilts all go to the wounded warriors here in Colorado. It all started at Fort Carson, our army post in Colorado Springs area, but has expanded to the warriors at the Denver Va, the Cheyenne VA ( which is a part of the Colorado VA system) and their outlying center. This has been awesome. Between the quilts I get to help make, and the ones you all make and send this way we are really helping these warriors heal up from both physical and physchological wounds.

You all know you are amazing - but I want to keep telling you - each work of love is appreciated and truly heals beyond all words! 

So let me show you some more quilts that have arrived

These two rail Fence tops came from Judy in the Pueblo West Quilters. They were a little small - size the size should be 55 x 65 - so the wonderful ladies from my Quilt guild dug thru my fabrics and added some borders to get them up to size.

Then Shari from Arizona took them and worked her quilting magic on them.
This quilt was also quilted by Shari but was made by Candy W in Arizona. Shari is a great recruiter!!

Thanks for these beautiful quilts.


Nancy said...

I certainly appreciate the photos and the names of the wonderful people who send these treasures to you. Thank you for sharing them and for all you do to keep us informed of the Quilts of Valor project.

Cheryl Willis said...

bless each of the hands that participates in this good work!

Anonymous said...

Alycia thanks so much for the nice words. It is a pleasure to do these quilts. Did you do something nice with the surprise I put in the box?

I'll let Candy know that her quilt is online.

Shari in AZ