Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Quilt of Valor Quilt show

 here are some more awesome Quilts of Valor! Soldiers will just LOVE these too!!

This first one was made by Jessica and her *girls* in Denver. Jess sews with many sew groups and all of them help make QOV's in some way or another.

The quilt to the right is another one she and her groups made. They did a lovely job!!

This beautiful Animal Print quilt of valor came from Anna in OK. I think that I would love to justsit in her fabric stash. We all had the best time looking at this quilt and trying to identify each type of animal print! It is wonderful!!
 Next - Nancy from Wyoming ( http://wyomingbreezes.blogspot.com/ ) made this lovely pinwheel quilt.  It is really cool! The blocks give the quilt a feel of movement. I love it!!
The last Quilt of Valor for today was made by Cathy O in Pueblo. Her husband is retired military and has 2 Bronze Stars and 2 Purple hearts. Very impressive. And the quilt is perfect!!

Thank you ladies for all your help in this endeavor!! The soldiers in Colorado/Wyoming are so appreciative!!

You all have a wonderful day!

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