Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Visit with Shari

was totally fun and hilarious!!

I got an email from Shari saying she was coming from AZ to NM and wanted to stop in. Now I am not the most geographically hip person in the world, but I wasn't sure that Colorado was in the middle of that route. Just to be sure I googled it.... Yep - I googled -

Come to find out it was an AZ to CO to NM trip - so I was really right in there. She came to Greeley and we met up for dinner, and a guild meeting. She was a blast! And she handled herself very well around my three boys and husband, Sometimes they can be noisy ( grin)

Shari went to my guild meeting with me and was the talk of the guild. They found out she was from AZ, and I think they all made plans to visit her this winter!! She also brought ELEVEN Quilts of Valor from her group to me! We showed Three of them at the guild.

The Quilts are Lovely! The Star quilt here caught a  lot of ladies attention and they wanted to make it. So I searched out the pattern, and also asked Shari how she did hers!

These are the pages of how to make it. Shari did not use the thangles and made hers a bit bigger.

As she was leaving she handed me a T Shirt - I don't think she knows a thing about me - do you?

I, of course, showed it to everyone and we all laughed and laughed because we all know the way to my heart...

I wore it to Quilt A Fair yesterday and met a whole lot of people who might never have stopped to say hi!! Great shirt Shari - Thank you!!


Quilter Kathy said...

WoW! Fabulous shirt! Great fun!

Stephanie said...

Alycia, Glad you found my blog! I too have three sons (and one step daughter). We have lots in common. I too have met up with fellow quilting bloggers and have enjoyed the times. This day looked like fun and I am glad you got to meet. The present is great. Very fun. Steph

LizA. said...

Wow -- sounds like you had a great time. I love the star quilt! And that t-shirt -- I want one!!!!