Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Quilters Accountability 9/1

Truthfully speaking - I wish there was more time in a day - there is so much *stuff* that I would like to do. I have gotten a few more blocks on my reproduction quilt done, not as many as I would like. Imay move the estimation of finishing this quilt top up to 2031. 

I am trying to mix the colors a lot. In the original quilt there were a lot of shirtings, and they were all mixed up.

My Great Aunts family - her mothers family owned a dry goods store on a corner in the town in Michigan that she grew up in. Because of this, they had great access to a variety of fabrics.

The original quilt was made around 1890, and was approx 72 x 90.

In the rest of the Quilters accountability news - our sew day went great on Sunday. We worked on some blocks, binding three Quilts of Valor, and even got one whole top put together. Of course it took a whole pound of M&M;s to get it done!!

To see what others are up to check out:

Maybe you can help inspire me to get working! Tell me what you are up to - and what quilty projects you are doing.... I need to get motivated!!!


LizA. said...

See, anything's possible with enough chocolate! I like these blocks -- can't wait to see the whole quilt !

Julianne's Machine Quilting said...

M & M'S are the best.LOL I think you are getting a lot accomplished.

Pat R. said...

You get so much accomplished everyday! I have a QOV ready to quilt and once that is done, it will be on it's way to you....another wildlife quilt and really bright colors to brighten a day. Thanks for all you do!

Quilter Kathy said...

I am finishing up a few little things...some bindings, doing some machine quilting and this weekend if it's hot, I'll do some hand stitching. My life will get better once the kids are back in school.