Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy April Fools Day

So far no jokes have been played on me... of course the kids are still at school at this point!

On the Quilt of Valor front - I have been quilting up a storm. Of course I am really excited about the amount of quilts that we are making and recieving to deliver.

First up: 5th grade kids quilt Group #1 AMERICAN VALOR:
This one was made by Group #1. They chose to use a flag type backing, and Debs Swirls Panto by Deb Geissler. I really like this panto as well.
So now it is off to the teachers to bind. I am so glad they like this part... I dropped off 3 quilt to bind yesterday and the *Smiled* I just love that!!

NEXT: is called Star of Bravery.

It was made with 4 patches in the center and lots of Logs around it. When we were practicing sewing we made lots of 4 patches and I just couldn't see them go to waste... so voila - this quilt was created. It was also quilted with Debs Swirls and is going to be bound! Because it was a group effort we put a picture of the whole class on our label. That ought to make a soldier smile.
And the very last quilt quilted and ready to blog about is Paulas BQ... of course I quilted it in Red and forgot to take a picture... so the original can be found here: http://alyciaquilts.blogspot.com/2008/03/paula-quilters-qovs.html
Well - thank you for reading this far - I think I might have gotten a little windy... just like the weather we have been having..
Have a great one!!


Greenmare said...

the QOV are just awesome! It's so wonderful that you are doing this with kids to help them appreciate what our soldiers are doing.
Colordo wind huh? I remember that from our visits. When it gets REALLY windy here we say that we got some Colorado wind.

Quilt crazy said...

Love your blog and the quilts of valor project! Thanks for the comment on my blog at oregonquilt.blogspot.com.