Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sallie Day

Sallie M sent me two awsome quilts to take to Fort Carson. The one with Hearts I quilted. I used the Double Hearts and Loops panto from Deb Geissler. It looked really neat. When I took it to Mrs W today to bind it - she thought it was an awesome quilt. ( I agreed)
The next quilt is the one on the right. It is a string quilt and is way cool. She quilted it and it looks wonderful! And she bound it - which you really gotta love! Oh - and sent pillowcases.....
Yesterday my kids had off of school - so they went with me to school. They decided it was much more fun! So today no one wanted to get up.... Huh - tough life!
Have a Great one!!

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Vicki W said...

Both of these are great quilts!