Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Two more Quilts of Valor

Whoo Hoo - this is so much fun... I get to see the piles of finished quilts piling up for delivery. I am putting them in there pillowcases/bags as they are finished being bound and washed... this is really exciting. My poor family - they so have to put up with me (all of the time) and I have taken over a corner of the room. I am so visual, that I need visual reminders and piles with notes on them... so I have a tendency to take over. Good thing our front room is rather large!!

The top one is one that the High School CFS class made. 4 of the girls were in a competition with FCCLA and used Quilts of Valor as there subject. They won a gold medal - so were excited!

The next quilt was made By Marilyn at Vacaville Binky Patrol. She is such a sweet heart! She heard about our project, went out and got some patriotic fabrics and Voila - she sent us a quilt top!! She used some really cool military prints - my guys went nuts over it!

Today I am washing and creating labels - I am hoping that by keeping up with this that come May 1st I won't be panicked!!

Hope you all have a quilty day!



SubeeSews said...

Thanks for the nice comments on my Blog.
I too make QOV's. Not in the big way you do. I have made and quilted four of my own and one from a topper in Illinois.
My quilting setup is a B-Line frame with only a 9" throat Janome6500P.
Hope we can keep on writing to each other. Subee

Rhonda said...

What wonderful and colorful quilts. You did a great job with the quilting, too!