Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stars of Valor Group 4

Has now been quilted! I used the Spin Panto - I think by Jodi Beamish. All the groups got to pick there own quilting designs, and they did so well! I love how they have turned out! The quilts are looking well. I took a bunch of them into the teachers and she passed them around to get bound. We have parents even volunteering to bind quilts. I am impressed.... I also now know where to go beg when I need something bound.... *grin*

My trusty doorbell (my dog) let me know when the UPS man came today, and it was a huge box and oh boy oh boy I can't wait till my quilthangers come home ( my kids) to take pictures. Pat D sent me 7 completed Quilts of Valor!! I am so excited!

I talked to the chaplain yesterday to update him on our numbers and when I told him I thought we would have at least 40 quilts, you could have heard a pin drop - he was very impressed!! And excited!

Hope you all have a quilty day.... stay tuned for more pictures!!


Vicki W said...

40 QOV quilts! That's amazing!

Joan said...

40 quilts! What a wonderful, generous undertaking. I'm sure every one will be so appreciated.