Saturday, March 01, 2008

Paula the Quilters QOV's

Paula ( emailed me and said she had a Quilt of Valor all finished and would love for us to deliver it for her. So we made arrangements to meet and the Sweetheart Quilt Shop. We met up and Oh My Goodness is it a beautiful quilt.

But then she had more! She had made BQ quilt ( Maple Island Quilts) and it was in Reds and Blues and just striking. She Gave that to me with the backing and the Batting!! What a woman. So I will quilt that and it will go with us to Fort Carson as well. She also gave me 5 yards of a flag fabric. So she was one Stashbusting woman that day.

Although we met in a quilt shop - I did not buy one thing. I was very tempted - but since she had to go back to work I thought - maybe I will just follow Paula out and then I won't pick anything up.... it worked!
So my Quilt of Valor Count is Growing.. I am trying to keep track of it over in the sidebar - with links and everything.
And the good news - I just found out my Friend in Iraq has a target date for coming home!!


Kathy Wagner said...

That is very generous of Paula! Great quilts!

Gina said...

They are beautiful. what a generous woman

love and hugs xxx