Friday, March 28, 2008

High School Quilt of Valor #1

I told you about the High School FCCLA having a sew day (I think) and today I finished quilting one of there quilts. They are going to a competition or to a presentation that they needed the quilt for at the end of next week. Apparently I work better under pressure!
I quilted feathers all over it in swirly designs. I really liked there choice of colors on the quilt top.
Sunday is my youngest childs birthday so we got to take in Treats to school today. He is allergic to all nuts, and in his class one is allergic to chocolate, one to milk, two (including C) allergic to nuts, one to wheat and one to sugar.... Poor teacher! Anyways we made Rice Crispie treats, and a sugarless cookie for one. Took in Lemonade and sugarfree lemonade... I think we made everyone happy and NO ONE sick! I know I worry a lot about my kiddo so was trying to do it right for all the others.

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