Tuesday, March 27, 2007

More Mystery Quilts of Valor

I challenged some of the members of my guild to think about making a quilt of Valor - and 6 of them did - we used the mystery pattern from a QOV mystery group I am in. It was a lot of fun. These two were made by Rubydell and Karen. I quilted them and they are in the process of putting the binding on!

Karens in on the left - I quilted it with a lot of swirls. Rubydells is on the right - hers I did with lots of feathers - it looked like a more feminine Red white and Blue - so I thought that looked good.

These are the small details of them - I think they look good! I can't wait to deliver them.
We should have 18 quilts being delivered for Quilts Of Valor to the hospital - our project has doubled in just one year! If this keeps up - I will need to enlist other quilters to help our little project ;-) ( this is a good thing!!)
Well - the buzzer rang - it means our dinner is ready, so I guess before the boys die of starvation I shall feed them, and then since it is very very windy outside we will probably play and get some more sewing done! Have a quilt evening.....

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