Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Day Two - Sachuest Point Hike

 We got up very early the next day and headed out to Sachuest Point. 

I had Googled Hiking trails and this one sounded pretty cool. We were one of the first people ( peoples?) there. The only others were doing some Ocean Fishing - so it was super quiet.

You start kinda inland and head out to the ocean. We were just walking along and this butterfly kept following us - so I decided to see how close I could get for a photo. It liked me!

There was a lookout point - so of course I had to climb it and see what I could see.

And Look!!! Another Lighthouse !!  So the maps say that that view is Cape Cod - The light house at Provincetown.  I tell you the maps say it - because anything east of Nebraska.... that geography floors me... well okay - truth - Apparently I never really know where I am. I am probably the reason Google maps came into existence ;-)   ( Your welcome)

We were walking along and there was all this noise - and these things are so big I was sure they were seals... They were not - they are BIRDS!!! Cormorants !

Is that just not a cool view?  You could take a rocky trail or stay on the coast line - so of course, I drug my poor man up the rocks - and that view was just so amazing to me!!

Then we got back down on the coastline - and Tada - A selfie!!!

We hiked out there - 4 miles I think it was - totally worth it!
And! We did it all before Lunch!!!

We went back into town to park and find a place to eat - and I spotted this boat. I think it is a really beautiful boat - but... I am not sure I would want to be on it in a storm!!


julieQ said...

What a lovely walk...I love those huge birds!!! Breathtaking place!!

Kathleen said...

You had another great day of sightseeing! 4 miles before lunch is amazing.

Angela said...

What a great way to explore new areas. Looks like a beautiful hike! Love the butterfly! Great photo.

Sandy said...

How exhilarating to hike where you’ve never been before, and get treated to those fabulous views! I’m lost even with Google maps. Good thing my husband has the “gyroscope” gene!

Delighted Hands said...

Definitely some new to you sights! The lookout point is a very nice view!

Pat said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures. I love New England ❤️

Rebecca Grace said...

Those photos are gorgeous! Thanks for taking us along with you!

Linda said...

Beautiful photos! I love Google maps because I was not a good geography student. I'm enjoying your trip very much. :)