Sunday, November 21, 2021

Day 3 ( part a) The front of the Mansions

 We woke up bright and early and decided it was time to walk down Mansion Alley.

and on weekends - its pretty quiet bright and early, so we had the whole street to ourselves.... and a few birds!

The cool thing is - they have these plaques that tell you all about the mansions - I know - they call them cottages - but heck fire - they are huge!! and they really only got used 8-10 weeks out of the year.

So this one is the Issac Bell House - and it is the least Mansiony of the lot . But they say this construction inspired Frank Lloyd Wright and his style of construction. Issac Bell was a cotton broker and was rich by the time he was 30... I use cotton... and wear cotton... what happened???

It was still fall there. Our own Fall came and went in like a day! so it was so cool to see all the color - and how things grew up on the houses. 

This is Chateau - sur- Mer
I like it a lot!  I did wonder how many people it took to keep those grounds mowed, and then I thought - well I bet in the olden days the horses kept it pretty mowed.   

Again - Color!! Its just beautiful!

We found a little Seafood joint - and had to have Lobster!

and a Lobster Roll ( pretend he didn't eat it all before I took a photo)

The Newport Lobster Shack!! And it was - a two shack set up right on the water. It was soo cool!

But I tell you - the next time someone complains about the price of beef - I think I will send them this price list - Holee Cow - you could go broke eating out on the east coast!!

And that was the first half of day 3....

( Picture overload???)


Linda said...

Oh I love the mansions, errr cottages! No overload, I'm loving your photos! Yum on the lobster shack. I've never had a lobster roll and only had one bite of lobster in my life - how sad is that.

Carolyn said...

Newport is one of my favorite places, we went there on our honeymoon and have made several trips back in our 36 years of marriage. Our daughter spent two years at college in Providence and worked at the Red Parrot Restaurant there. It was such fun to go visit her! Glad you enjoyed your time here!

Kathleen said...

Love seeing the fun you are having!

Delighted Hands said...

These homes are amazing! Thanks for sharing! Love all of the pictures!

grammajudyb said...

Nope! No picture overload from my point of view. This land locked Wyomingite, loves ocean pictures !

Sara said...

On a trip to Maine almost 20 years ago I couldn't get enough lobster. So delicious! Those "cottages" are pretty amazing, and what a shame they were used so few weeks of the year.