Monday, November 22, 2021

Day 3 ( Part b) Sailing in a Sailboat

 After Lunch we decided ... it was time to take a sail!

in a Real Sail boat - 

PS - New England is tough on super curly hair - it either puffs ( think Diana Ross) or it goes flat and tangly. so Pony tails became the necessity...

But look - the Sails are going up!!

and we didn't get in the way - or get the boom !!

The boats in the Harbor are so pretty to me - the captain said they take the majority of them out by November 15th so they don't freeze over the winter. 

Look !!! My Third Lighthouse!!!

When we told him we hadn't really seen lighthouses - he got us a little closer!!!

This is the Bouvier compound - where Jackie O summered!!! the thing on the left was a windmill and it powered their water. When she Married JFK they converted it to a guest house and that is where they stayed when visiting.  - but that big house - Holee Buckets.... their Summer Cottage... that still floors me!

This is Ft Adams - it was established in 1799 and named after President John Adams - all those window looking things are were cannons stuck out. It was rebuilt in 1824 and used in 5 wars - ( including the Civil War and WW1 and WW11)

it was active until 1950 and now it is a state park ( hence the guy walking his dog)

Sailboat training Class??

Just another Cool Boat. Not something I see everyday in Land Locked Colorado ;-)

The sail was amazing - and the Captain was so cool - telling us all sorts of stories!!

We ended the day at The Red Parrot - isn't that a cool name for a restaurant?
and look

Lobster Nachos!!

PS - we will skip our Finished ( or Not) Friday for this week... just a heads up ... but the week after - you should be ready to brag again!!!!


Delighted Hands said...

Love the scenery--the lobster nachos looks horrid, sorry!

Sara said...

That looked like a really fun adventure. And lobster nachos - amazing!!

Love Of Quilts said...

Wow what a nice adventure. I wanted to say Have a great Thanksgiving. I see you are. Yeah the Lobster Nachos sorry but, bet they taste better the they looked.

Linda said...

Oooo I love your photos! Wow on the Bouvier compound. I can't imagine. Your sailing looks like so much fun. Was it cold? We were on a sailboat one time, in the summer in Galveston Bay, and although I'm not a water person, it was such fun. Lobster nachos oh my!