Thursday, November 19, 2020

Mystery A11 CLUE 6 - and!!! THE FINAL CLUE!!

 Welcome to the END of the Mystery!!!

I will be excited to hear if you solved it ahead of time?  or if you had an idea?  or if you just made the clues and relaxed - knowing it would be solved at some time???

I told you it will be finished before Thanksgiving - its a week before... its all good right? and if you are a Bonnie Hunter fan ( I mean! who is not??) you are all finished and ready to start in on her mystery!!

First off, remember I told you that QOV had some backlogged requests in certain states? If you would like this quilt to go to that - email CalltoAction@ QOVF .org - and they will tell you where it should go.

Second off... THIS is NOT my original design!! 

Years ago when I joined Mystery Quilts 4 Military , Nancy and Judy ( were hosting the the mysteries ( before I took over) and one of the first mysteries I stitched with them - was one designed by Judy. 

The size was a bit smaller - as the size requirements were smaller. So earlier this year I reached out to her - and said - Can I please steal your Quilt and re-size it to today's QOV requirements, and run it as a mystery?  and she didn't even hesitate - she said GO FOR IT!

And so! I did!!! 

So this Mystery is with Thanks to Judy!!

So here it is....the finish... the reveal..... the FINAL CLUE!!


See you tomorrow for Finished or Not Finished Friday!! 


Delighted Hands said...

Bravo! Now take a bow and wait for all of the pics to arrive of other's finished quilts!

Donna said...

Love it!!! Unfortunately I won’t be able to finish it anytime soon, life has gotten in the way but will send you a picture when I finish it! It’s a great QOV!

Susan said...

Oh, that explains the familiarity! I always did all of Judy's quilts. =) Mostly given away a long time ago, though. Thanks for updating it for today's sizes. When I get home, I'll get started on it.