Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Happy Half Square Block TWENTY TWO!!

 Happy Half Square Block 22

I originally thought to make this one just scrappy - maybe 16 different colors - and I may still try that at a later date. but! When I colored it with my pencils - i just didn't care for it all scrappy. So if you do make it that way - shoot me a photo... make me really want to make another one!

Then - because all of these will eventually become a Quilt of Valor ( or 6) I chose a Half and Half color selection - I like this one!

Here is your little drawing - just in case you need it ;-)

And then - Check out the versatility of this block!!!
This one is on point - I know!!! Its hard to tell - but it is ( cuz Kat told me so!!)

I really like this one - Just a straight set of the blocks, and alternating them every other block ( again Kat tells me what the layouts are called... I like her ;-)  )

I got a little package - and looky here - Laura sent these 12 to me! They are the same sizes as mine - so I am going to have some fun laying them all out to see what they become!!

I hope you have been enjoying these - I sure have - I've have liked having just a little project to work on each night, even if I can't get to my *big* proejcts!!

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The Joyful Quilter said...

What a treasure Laura shared with you, Alycia. SEW sweet of her to mail you a quilt kit! :o))
Speaking of quilts... I have never thought to layout HSTs in the manner of today's block. Thank you for providing such wonderful inspiration!

Michelle Churchman said...

Just lovely, Alycia! I may try a scrappy version on EQ. Right now, I’m like you thinking there must be a little color control or it will look weird.


sue s said...

I had to laugh when I saw your flag fabric; Barbara Brackman did a post today about flag etiquette and how flags are used and displayed in fabrics. (Her Material Culture blog.)
I really like the mockups of this block!

Delighted Hands said...

Beautiful block this week--the mock-ups really make it come to life!

WeedyMama said...

This block layout makes me think of the Blue Angels (and other flying formation teams). I like the last one Kat did for you: kissing fish.

First my eyes see one illusion, then the positive or negative image appears, and another illusion. Good for the gray cells.

Keep playing.