Monday, February 03, 2020

A QOV Mystery Quilt, and a Quilt in Progress

Saturday was National QOV sew day...
My group always meets on the last Sunday of the month - so we had our own Sew Day a week before - and I had 20 quilters participate in a mystery.

Of course, I had already made the quilt once, but I let them be my Test group.... as!!
I was offering it as on Online Mystery for Friday and Saturday ... corresponding with National QOV Sew day!!

I am sure that all makes sense right?

Well! Here is what the mystery looked like!

 It was pretty simple and pretty fun - the above one is all scraps
and then I decided to make it again - with just 3 fabrics - and that big blue border on the outside?

NOT a border - that is the back of the Quilt, I was prepping to pin it so that I could Machine quilt it, and thought - oh heck!! I need a photo of it!!

Join in our Mystery Group - I am sure another one will be coming up soon!

AND then!! I was organizing a bit, which I try to avoid, as I find things I thought I was done with - and I found this blue center panel of scraps already made. I remember making it, but I don't know why I stopped

So I put it up on the design wall and have made some cream blocks to go around it - and then I think!

I shall add a red border.  we shall see....

Happy Stitching!!!

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Judy V from Greeley CO said...

The mystery quilt sewing day was total fun, and it was delightful how the blocks came together so well. It will be fun to see the final results!

Sandy said...

I love both of your hourglass quilts. Your blue looks more like gray to me in the photo (second one) which gives me an idea. Hmmm...

Becca // Pretty Piney Quilts said...

What a fun idea for QOV Sew Day! Thanks for linking up to What I Made Monday.

Cathy said...

Oh, I like both versions! Hourglasses seem to be the "in thing" in quilts this year. Congrats to you for hosting so many wonderful QOV mysteries.

chrisknits said...

Lovely quilts! I need less mystery in my life because I end up wishing I had done something different. But then, I am OCD about control. LOL!

Farm Quilter said...

Doing mystery quilts has taught me that it is all right to let go of some of the control in the quilt-making process. I have loved the last 2 mysteries I did - yours before Christmas and one between Christmas and New Year. I still need some outside push to get to my sewing machine, so I'm counting on you!!!

Kate said...

Very fun mystery quilts! Both turned out beautifully, but the limited palette one is my favorite of the two.