Sunday, January 07, 2018

The National Mall

I still have more photos from our Thanksgiving Trip to DC .  My son says that I should be careful posting them, as someone will think that I am there right now, even though it may be getting snow, and I am not - I am warm and comfy cozy in my house!

I loved our trip - and I loved the chance to take more photographs....

The Friday After Thanksgiving, I really thought that all the Monuments would not be crowded, I had assumed (wrongly) that everyone would be Black Friday Shopping.  They weren't... there were a lot of them where I wanted to be. So I had to adapt ( ha ha)

It was a beautiful day.
We headed to the World War II Memorial.

Such an amazing memorial

The water always amazes me, and the way the sun was shining...

Then we walked down to the Korean War Memorial.  The last time I had been there it was night, and it was such an eerie feeling. I enjoyed seeing it in the daylight better. The detail is amazing

I still am amazed at how the planes fly over the memorials.

We also went to the Lincoln Memorial 

He is impressive - and the words that he said - still ring true today.

After the Lincoln Memorial
We headed over to the Martin Luther King Memorial

Just amazing

After reading all of his amazing words - 
again - so true today! I wish I could quote a new one each day!
(hmmm Maybe a new project)

We then walked over to the Jefferson Memorial
In between the two we went through the Roosevelt memorial

That was pretty cool too. My Grandpa used to talk about him a lot, so it was cool to see his memorial, and be reminded of the things he did, knowing how they effected my Grandpa

It doesn't look to crowded, so i really enjoyed it.  There was a tour guide in the Memorial, we might have eavesdropped on him.

So to those of you freezing there, or under snow - thanks for giving us good weather!

lining to
Thru my lens


Judy V in Thornton CO said...

Thanks again for sharing your thought provoking photos....and those who have not been to Washington DC will appreciate them!

scraphappy said...

We took the kids all to DC a few years ago to see all the sights, so your photos bring back great memories. Glad to hear you are cozy and warm. Florida was colder than Alaska last week! Brrrr

June D said...

Beautiful photos. I havent been in such a long time..

WeedyMama said...

At least you saw Lincoln without pigeons on his head! I was appalled the first time I saw him -- with birds on his head. I don't think people who have never seen his memorial realize just how big that statue is. Lil Bit would probably not stretch from his feet to his knee if I remember right. I was totally fascinated with his hands. The details.

Good to see DC again, through your eyes.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

We visited all of those places, way back in 2005. It was so cool!

Lynne Stucke said...

The next time you come to DC, you will have to go out to Gravelly Point (near DCA) to watch the planes come in. I promise you, It is a thrill . . . if they're landing in the right direction, it seems as though they're about to land right on your head! :o)