Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Quilts of Valor - and! A mystery Reminder

Happy Wednesday Morning to you!!!

We have a Very Very Sweet Quilter who Teaches out of the Lyons Quilt shop. Her name is Donna Mae!!

Just recently they held a Quilts of Valor workshop - and the Quilts!! Oh they are beautiful!!

Here are 4 of them that they completed - there are more... and I will show you those too.... but I am going to string you along ;-)

aren't these awesome!!  Please don't mind the feet - I take help whenever I can get it!!

I definitely think that the Veterans who receive these quilts will be ecstatic!!

and now for the Reminder

The Patriot!!
It begins on January 31st
with the fabric Requirements

then on February 14th the First Clue will be posted

You will definitely want to do this quilt in Patriotics!!
You can use Scraps or Yardage - I provide info for both

So far the clues have taken me right at an hour - sometimes a little longer cuz I like to play

And when it is over you will have a gorgeous Quilt of Valor!!!
It will finish at 62 x 80 inches

Clues will be posted here on the blog
and on the 
MysteryQuilts4Military Yahoo group

Hope you will join in!!


Donna said...

Gorgeous quilts!!!!! Looking forward to the QOV quilt a long!!!!

Jenny G said...

Love the design for the panel quilt! I'll be using that for sure! Thanks for showing.

Christine said...

This is perfect timing I need to make a QOV for my brother in law. Thank you. All those QOV you posted are wonderful!

Vicki said...

Ready and waiting

Phyllis said...

Thanks Alycia. I look forward to another wonderful mystery quilt project. Have an awesome day.

Farm Quilter said...

I bought some solid red, white and blue, just for this!! I hope I bought enough!!!

Lady Fi said...

What lovely quilts!