Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Quilts of Valor 2017

Happy Wednesday!!!

Hope all of you had a chance to finish up your Mystery - Big Star Country ( aka A6) ?   I hope you had fun with it!!

I am now back with some Quilty Inspirations for you!  These are all quilts that are Quilts of Valor and either have been, or will be Awarded very very soon!!!

Don't you just love seeing the veterans Wrapped in their quilts?   I do ( and that is my hand on the bottom right ! )

Check out this awesome Quilt from Vicki Welsh!!  If you haven't heard about her - oh man - you are in for a treat. She is an Amazing Fabric Dye'r and has some of the most amazing items

Check her out:  Colorways By Vicki

PS - She dyed the backing too!

The quilt on the left below was made by the Foxy Quilters in Ft Lupton
The pattern is a free one under my free tabs 

and the one on the right was a Mystery Quilt that we did ( its in my Craftsy Store) and was made by B Walsh

Both of them were quilted by me

This was another Mystery that we did
again - in my Craftsy store
This one was pieced by Laura, and Quilted by Me

These three were made by the fearsome Twosome of Connie and Kathy!! Connie pieced two, Kathy pieced one and Connie quilted them all... Kathy Bound them- I think the work well as a team

The one on the left was made by Connie
and on the right was made by Meredith and Quitled by Ron O

This yummy Quilt was made by Deb
The amazing Snowcatcher
( you will want to see her Eclipse photos!!)

And just because you need to see the love
These three Vietnam Veterans received Their Quilts and were speechless
It really made my day!

****Scraps have found a Home ****
Now.... are you a scrappy Quilter?
I have a little box of scraps - these are all strips and squares and Patriotic
They wiegh right at 1 pound - so that should be about 4 yards of scraps

If you are interested in it - in your comment say I am interested and give me an email.
The first one to say that - I will email you a paypal invoice for $7 in postage and its yours.
Wish I could do it for free... but not this time.

****Scraps have found a home****

Still leave comments ;-)


Donna said...

I am interested!!!

Vicki in MN said...

Always love seeing all the QOV, and it's really special to see the veterans with the quilts.

Gypsy Quilter said...

It's so great seeing veterans wrapped in quilty love.

Barob Book Blog said...

Great inspiration Alycia. Thanks. Your latest mystery is half completed but then I discovered I had used up all my background fabrics thinking it was light, or visa Versa. I'll get to it but it may not look anything like Big Star Country - it will be an alternative patternšŸ˜³. We're heading east for two months so quilting is off the table until November. Will post a picture when it's done.
Thank you for these fun mystery quilts. They are always a challenge and beautiful.

Norece said...

Just priceless! Thank you

The Joyful Quilter said...

What funky fabrics in the center quilt by Connie and Kathy!! That made for a really cool quilt. Thanks for all you do for the QOV program, Alycia!

Kate said...

As always, such fun quilts for the vets. There are some very talented quilters there.

Snowcatcher said...

You made my day with the photo of the "speechless" vets with their quilts. What a wonderful feeling!!!