Monday, August 22, 2016


Say that title in your pig calling voice..... pro ( high pitched) gress ( low pitched)   That;s what I am told your hog calling voice should be....

Why do you need to know? I have no idea - except - I had to do pig chores!!


School started - and I Don't! Like! it!!

2 of my children have left my house - and I did not give them permission......

(alright - maybe I did - but seriously - all on the same day?????)

Because they all left me - I did get to spend a little therapy time behind my machine.... but mostly I just cleaned up after them ( sigh)

There was just one row on my design wall - and a huge pile behind the machine - 
I am proud to say - there is Progress!!
Slow - but it totally counts!!

I cooked !!
I made Meatball subs in a Zucchini !!!
Every year Wrangler Man asks - How many zukes should I plant
and I say ONE
and he plants 6
So .... any good freezer recipes for me?
Beside Zucchini bread????

And just because I took this photo
Here is a trumpeting Elephant to make your Monday!

Hope you all have a great Monday!!!

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Judy V from Thornton CO said...

This quilt is looking really good! I do not bake very often, but how about zucchini with nuts, etc. cookies for the freezer?

The Joyful Quilter said...

At least my two gave me a week between departures, but I hear you on the cleaning up after them! That's going to have to wait for NEXT weekend. Too much to do!!

Ann said...

We make zucchini tots all the time in a mini-muffin tin:
They're delicious!

Elaine M said...

Great quilt, the dark blue makes all the colors pop. I love Chocolate Zucchini cake ( Cho Z C III) Friend always makes zucchini pickles when she gets too many. Good luck.

Terri said...

Random, I say random....
Love your blog!

WeedyMama said...

How'z gonna hold up your quilts? ;{

Kate said...

Yeah for progress! Sorry no help here on the zucchini, I'm not a huge fan, so we rarely have it.

Gretchen Weaver said...

Smash the zucchini and feed them to the chickens. Blessings, Gretchen

Gypsy Quilter said...

One of my favorite zucchini dishes takes 10 mins to prepare. 2 small zucchini, peeled, chopped. 2-3 tomatoes cored and chopped. throw in the frying pan and stir/simmer. Add some fresh basil and when heated / blended toss on fresh Parmesan cheese. Serve with grilled chicken breast. You can also cook this in a foil pouch on the grill. zucchini goes well in veggie soup. peel, de-seed and chop or shred zucchini in your food processor. Set in colander to drain really well. press out the water even more. Then store in ziplocs in freezer in small batches to make soup later on. There are also recipes for zucchini cake and zucchini bread. Last year I even canned small batches of tomato and zucchini to heat and serve in winter. Have fun.

Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts said...

My hubby does the same thing with cucumbers! Seriously, ONE plant is enough. LOL We didn't plant zucchini, but still ended up with enough to make several loaves of bread at some point. I think my neighbors plant them just to be able to give them away. :) They are shredded and in the freezer waiting for some cooler weather so I can use the oven. It's just way too hot right now.

Ranch Wife said...

New adventure lies ahead for all of your boys...and you! Although I know it's a big adjustment. Good thing you have instant access to stitching therapy. And I LOVE that quilt. Is it your design?
We're overloaded with zucchini around here too. We like Calabacitas around here. I fix it for the crew and they love it: