Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Quilts of Valor 2016

I might have forgot to set my alarm this morning.... oops.....

So hopefully you are still up and browsing blogs and will get to see all of these Lovely Quilts of Valor!!

Couple of Questions from the previous shows:
*I thought they all had to be Red White and Blue?

No they don't - however in my experience - 90% of the Veterans touched by War woudl prefer RW&B.  Feminine ones take longer to find their forever home.

*Do you make all of these?

Oh My Goodness- could you imagine how much more fabric I could buy?  I put the names o the maker and the quilter right next to each quilt - that is who did them.

* can you link to the patterns?

nope - If I know what they are I will state it under the quilt, but, um, no - I can not search out each pattern for you - my bucket list would be a gazillion quilts long, and I might spend too much $$  - and then my husband would kick me out, and I would have to take turns living with each of you for a week, and play with your fabrics......

The quilt on the left was made by Courtney and quilted by Connie
The Quilt on the right was made by Kristi and quilted by Crystal

Both of these quilts ( above) were made by Carol and quilted by Kathy and Sue

The quilt on the left - made by Anonymous - there is no label, and no one attached a paper to it before handing it my mind - I'll take the credit Ha ha! Just kidding - it is beautiful though!

And on the right - Made by Debrah, quitled by Dawna, Bound by Diana

Left: Debrah, quilted by Dawna, bound by Diana
and on the right - Made by Mary Ann g - Quilted by Rosalie M

Both of these were made by Anonymous

On the Left - Anonymous Strikes again

and on the right - made by Mary Beth, and quilted by Cheryl
Now - this pattern I do know - it is the Not So Top Secret Project
It was a step by Step quilt - and is still listed under Free Pattern

Alright you all - Go forth and Quilt!
I am going to Go Forth - walk the dogs and then quilt!


Kat Scribner said...

All these quilts are so outstanding!

Terri said...

Beautiful quilts. Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

WeedyMama said...

Spectacular as always. I've had my eye on that "Paws of Valor" project (I think that is what it is named.) Good job everyone.

The Joyful Quilter said...

"my husband would kick me out, and I would have to take turns living with each of you for a week, and play with your fabrics......"

ROFL!!! Bring it on! I've got enough fabric to share (and a bed in the sewing room.)

Farm Quilter said...

Let me know what week you'd like to come and stay with me and play in my SABLE stash!! If we both worked 10 hours a day on creating quilt tops, you would have to live here with me for several years to get through my stash!!! So, when are you coming?????

Kate said...

More beautiful quilts. It gets hard to pick a favorite, because I like all of them.