Thursday, April 07, 2016

Arizona... and the desert

Last week was Spring Break and we took a little 4 day trip to Arizona.... and I took about 480 pictures - so.... you know that you will have to endure a lot right????  

We flew in Early in the Morning - like seriously - still dark outside and got to AZ at 7am - that is like the BEST way to enjoy a whole day.  We were exhausted by bedtime - ....

We only did *personal items* so we didn't have to check a bag - 
shew that makes it easy to get out of the airport - and out to the Palm Trees!!!

We loved them!!

Then we got to Wrangler Man's Parents house - 
this!! THIS!! is right out their window 

How cool is that?

They took us to a lake- I don't remember the name - but it was cool.
You are driving along in the desert and there are a gazillion cactus'  ( or Cacti) 
and Javalinas, and wild burros and its all deserty - and then 

There's a Lake!

We hiked around, and then went to the Marina-
I found a boat - it was only $495,000.00  

my Father in law wouldn't buy it for me ;-(

We then went to the other side to have a picnic.
I just loved this Cactus' Hill
I like how dramatic it is in Black and White

My Mother in Law tells us about these Jumping Cactus - and how the needles just go everywhere 
( she was right btw) but WM didn't quite believe - so he takes off up this hill - and look at him - torturing his poor mom..... while she is saying "Do not touch!"

What's that - Once a Mom , Always a Mom?

He came back with a spine in his socks - 
Don't mock the Mom - Man!!

That evening we took a walk by their house - 
This may not be the most in focus photo - 
but oh man - the Colors just floored me!!

It was just beautiful....
but wait.... There is more!!  ( spoken like an infomercial)

This is only Day one - and his mom took us lots of great places!!!


Vicki W said...

Great photos!

Judy V in Thornton CO said...

What a great way to visit family AND get to see scenery, too!! Love the last picture you posted!!!

Gypsy Quilter said...

Wow, you fit everything into ONE bag, I'm impressed. Love the B&W photo, very
Ansel Adams. Glad you had a quick break to slightly warmer temps.

Magoo47 said...

I was just thinking .. "must be where Middle Bit is going to school" .. then you mentioned visiting the In-laws. Boy - Can I relate! Seems like the only way we ever traveled :) The desert does have its beauty!

The Joyful Quilter said...

OMG!! That was SOME finale photo!!!

Sue said...

Love them

Lara B. said...

What a fabulous day Alycia! Wow you really know how to pack in the fun. And lert that spine in the sock be a lesson to us all! LOL

Farm Quilter said...

Love the pictures!!! Desert sunrises and sunsets are simply amazing and you caught a great one!!! I'm with you on just having a carry-on bag...did that when I went to South Korea/Australia for 4 weeks, England for 3 weeks and Hawaii for 6 weeks. All you need is access to laundry facilities and you are set. It also limits what you buy while on vacation because you can't fit much extra in your suitcase!! Looking forward to more pictures!!!

WeedyMama said...

Mom's right! Don't pet the cactus!I remember the "jumping cactus" but have forgotten how to spell its name. I can feel the sunshine in your pictures.

phxquilt said...

Welcome to my world! The cactus in the picture is a Saguaro cactus, but the "jumping" cactus is a cholla cactus, sometimes called a "teddy bear" cactus.

I wish I could pack like that, but I have no problem waiting for my bags off the plane. I did 2 checked bags each for 71 days.

Kate said...

Looks like you had a great spring break.