Sunday, April 03, 2016

The Desert

So.... we might have headed south for Spring Break.... but! Never fear  - I took my photo challenges with me!

This week was a composite image - and I had so many ideas in mind.  I did not have a computer with me on our trip ( nor did I have wi-fi, or cell coverage, but that's another story)  so I was just hoping and praying that my minds eye would correspond with my Camera eye.

I think..... that maybe it did!

I had this idea to composite a Desert Sunset with the texture from the Stirrup Leathers of my husbands saddle.   I think I like it!

by the way, we left 70 degree weather and came back to 23... it was not nice ( and has since warmed up a bit - but that was mean)


Judy@Quilt Paradigm said...

Were you in my desert??? :) Oh my, that picture. . . when I saw it on my feed I thought it was a quilt! Beautiful picture and the texture of the stirrup leathers is fantastic - I'm seeing quilting designs! It's an illness I have. . . LOL

Barob Book Blog said...

I was trying to figure out the 'quilting pattern' you used as the background but never dreamed it was saddle leather. Absolutely beautiful co position. Thanks for sharing.

Paige said...

What an excellent pairing! Just beautiful!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Great composite image... now QUILT it!!! :P

Kate said...

The texture works really well with the photo. Nicely done. It was the same for us at spring break, we left 80s and came back to 50s. Hope you enjoyed your trip south.